Cycling holidays on Crete 


    E-bike tours

The true way to get back to nature is to travel the roads less traveled. The back roads through, and over the mountains are endless. There are so many, that you will never have to take the same route twice. this is also the perfect way to discover small villages and old settlements which, the average tourist hasn't found yet. There are the low travelled backroads and there are dirtroads. Whichever you prefer. 

This is the reason we are so fond of the E-bike, because we can actually cover a vast amount of kilometers and altimeters in one trip. Everyone can ride at their own pace and speed and no-one gets left behind. You can make it as hard or easy as you wish and still get a good work-out while enjoying your surroundings. It's all about being one with nature and spending as much time as you can in it. Therefore, in our opinion, the outcome of the E-Bike has become THE answer to discover the beauty of what the island actually  has to offer. Real Beauty!! 

The average daily altitudes can vary from 500m - 1600m 

The average daily distance can vary from 30km - 70km. 

Our e-bikes are excellent for exploring the backroads of Crete, made for tarmac roads and/or dirtroads.

Giant Eplore e-bike

A strong Yamaha engine and 625wh battery. Front suspension, for most tarmac and some dirtroads.

Cube Reaction hybrid. Bosch engine, battery minimal 500wh, wide tires, front suspension. Tarmac and dirtroad

Giant Stance hybrid. Yamaha engine, battery  625wh, wide tires, front and back suspension. Tarmac and dirtroads.


Join us on 1 or more on our small group tours. We start from our bike depot in Malia or Stalida. 

Milatos & Selinari gorge tour. 

We take the old road and ride true the gorge from Selinari monastary. Watch  for the big vultures flying over the cliffs, we visit the big square from Neapoli for a cafe. From here there is another nice climb to Kounali, this is one of the most remote places of the tour where time stands still. After Kounali we have the most beautiful descent back to the north coast, Halfway we can explore Milatos cave. At the end of the descent we reach Milatos a real traditional fishing village. 

Krassi-Mochos tour.

We ride east allong the malia beach and pass the excavations of Malia Minoan Palace. From here we go in the directions of the mountains. We take the small roads between banana plantations and starts the heavy climb to Krassi. On the steepest parts we are glad that we have a charged battery. In Krassi we enjoy a drink under one of the oldest platanus trees in the world.

We continue our tour with a beatifull vieuw over the lake sfendili and the Aposelemis dam, the dam is the largest water management in Crete. 

We reach Mochos and after a short climb we descent back to the coast with spectacular vieuws.

The sunken village tour.

We start the tour with a climb on the most scenery road to the village of Mochos. Where we can have a cool drink on the square at the big church. After the beatifull climb we can enjoy the ride down to the ¨human made¨ water resurve Lake. After the lake we take the road along the Golf course and see the new road to the new airport of Kastelli. We ride through the small roads of old chersonisos and find the way back to Stalida-Malia.

Lashiti-Plateau tour.

We ride up with small vans to 1000m altitude and have a beatiful lookout over the famous Plateau. We ride on our e-bikes over the plateau through small villages. We will visit the starting point where you can reach the Cave of Zeus after a litle walk, or enjoy a nice drink on one of the terrace while overlooking the plateau.  We continu our ride over the small roads crossing the agruculture fields and finish with an amazing descent back to the coast.

Our Guides
Most of our local guides are born and or raised on the island and know the area's as no other. Not only can they guide you daily on trips but also provide you with interesting information about the area, the history and herbs and plants found throughout.

The tours last an average of 3-4 hours, departure is at 9:00am or at 14:00pm.

Tours are in small groups 4-8 riders, Private tours are availible on special request.

Prices starts at €85